Create and purchase WeChat Pay in Germany – is that feasible? are already widely used in China to simplify purchasing for smartphone users. A QR code makes it easy to pay anywhere with a cellular phone. The very best known providers are WeChat Pay and Alipay (Alibaba Group). Also in Germany, these are especially Chinese travelers offered to pay. Who would like to create WeChat Pay, but must pay out a lot.

Set up WeChat Pay: Is that possible in Germany?

For a long period, there was the problem that WeChat Pay only allowed Chinese credit cards and lender accounts. So that it had not been possible to perform WeChat Pay with a non-Chinese credit card or accounts. In early 2018, the Messenger relaxed these conditions. Nevertheless, it is not possible without creative detours to create WeChat Pay in Germany . The service gets the following requirements:

You must have downloaded the app in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan. Which means you are on web page.

You must use a debit card (Visa, MasterCard) or a Chinese bank-account. Giro cards (debit cards) usually do not work.

You desire a Chinese personnel ID.

Although you can now add other credit cards, nevertheless, you need as well a charge card, which will a “China ID”. Without assistance from third functions, the service can not be fully utilized.

If you meet these standards, you can include a card as follows:

Opens the WeChat software ( Android/ iOS*).

Press the ” Me / Me ” tab , depending on the dialect you have place.

Press ” Wallet ” at the top .

You can add a new credit card via the Cards / Cards icon .

Note: Your brand will be taken directly from the app, you can’t change the registered name.

Enter your card info, accept the conditions if you recognize and press ” OK “.

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