Discover What BitDefender Gravity Zone Is

bitdefender small office securityThe flexible security suites from bit Bitdefender small office security tailored to different company sizes and offer an impeccable protective impact in the test.

BitDefender has customized its security solutions for different firm sizes. The deals advanced business security, elite protection, business security, ultra security, and enterprise protection is found beneath the GravityZone brand. With the initial two deals, BitDefender is targeted at small businesses and medium-sized companies. The classic protection functions for Windows and Mac pc PCs into the solutions.

To be even a mobile device administration (MDM) with it, a stationary server but obligation can be. This also applies to the variant elite security. Therefore, operations in the corporate network can be observe, analyse and evaluate via machine learning.

Also the visualization of processes is possible from the elite version. This protection technology operates in a system area of the equipment out, located outside of an operating system and is normally unavailable for malware.

The stage ultra protection exists only as cloud variant, since it works together with the module end stage detection and response.

The variant enterprise security ultimately is a natural server variant including mobile device management (MDM), which works locally in an business or a data center.

Bitdefender’s remedy detected all attackers with more than 220 most recent threats without errors.

The fact that good efficiency produced no main load on the Windows client, showed the next test section. At work, usual operations such as for example copying or contacting up websites were carried out. The mandatory times were weighed against reference values. Result: The protection on the Windows work Personal computer by the Bitdefender client causes only a very small extra load.

In the end, the software had to show itself in friend-enemy detection and scan 1.

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