The making of unique salsiccia your self

luganegaSalsiccia is really simply the German expression for sausage … and yet this Italian specialty is indeed much more than simply a sausage variety. With regards to the region, it is offered in lots of different variations. There exists a large amount of peppers added, oftentimes carnations are included, but fennel seeds are always component of it. In the Italian Abruzzi they even add liver, as the inhabitants of the Marche favor wild boar meats. They are incredibly spicy in Calabria and Sardinia, but in Sicily the “Salsiccia Pizzaiola” is very popular: this variety contains cheese, tomatoes, peppers and sometimes even chopped mushrooms.

Externally, the salsiccia resembles the German Mettwurst or a coarse bratwurst, but it tastes even more hearty and is very spicy. It might be cooked perfectly on the grill or fry in the pan, likewise the meat can often be used for pasta sauces, fillings or casseroles. Regular Italian merely. Salsiccia is extremely well-known in Italy and offered by every butcher’s. Right now there it is also obtainable in the smoked or air-dried version.

The classic Salsiccia recipe for approximately ten sausage


750 grams of pork shoulder

250 to 300 grams of lardo (Italian bacon) or streaky bacon

80 milliliters of red wine

pig intestine

10 grams of salt

5 grams of pepper (greatest freshly ground)

1 pinch of ground cloves

1 pinch of cinnamon

1 crushed garlic clove

1 small chopped chili pepper

1 small bunch of chopped cilantro

0.5 to at least one 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds

The preparation

– Flip the pork shoulder and bacon through the mincer and then mix well.

– Put all spices and herbal products in addition to the burgandy or merlot wine and mix very well again.

– If possible, let it rest for a couple time in a cool place.

– In the meantime, wash the pig’s intestine with cold water.

– Fill the mass in the intestine with the help of the meats grinder, the end of the intestine should be knotted.

– After reaching the desired size, screw in the intestine many times.

Tips about the Salsiccia

Spaghetti alla salsiccia is usually a favorite variant of the prominent spaghetti bolognese in southern Italy. Rather than minced meats, the salsiccia-roast is simply taken.

In addition, you can create extremely spicy meatballs from the meats.

Who does not like the fennel tastes, may also omit this spice. Instead, one or the various other ingredient from the top paragraph could be added based on your preference. Especially the Sicilian variant is very famous in Germany.

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